Wednesday, 3 May 2017

SynapseIndia CSR: Spreading the importance of Yoga in society

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. It is the perfect way to strengthen our inner self. As a part of SynapseIndia CSR, we contribute to the Yogamission Trust in Varanasi. 

We provide basic amenities and teaching aids to the trust so that they can help underprivileged children. The trust is aimed at promoting Yoga values among children in the society. Children in the Yogamission Trust regularly practice different form of Yoga asanas.

SynapseIndia CSR

 In the image, we can see children doing Yoga. This helps them to stay flexible and healthy. It also helps them to attain inner peace and stay confident in their day to day life.We also support various Yoga and meditation camps throughout the country. After seeing the initiatives by the Yogamission trust to promote Yoga values, we feel really proud to be a part of such generous cause.

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